Citebeur – French hipster fucked by latino boy

With the curfew gay datings are complicated and the passive guys are more and more in need. With the family squatting in the house 24/7 it’s not easy to organize a booty call. But the desire to suck a big dick and to be fucked hard is very strong.

Fortunately, in every city there is a hideout used by the rascals and drug dealers to fuck their chicks. In one such corner Mathieu goes on a date with Etalon. The two guys don’t do things by halves. Etalon prepares the young hipster’s man-hole with his tongue, the puts his big cock deep in his ass.

The sensation is strong and “anal”, this big cock of a young stallion hurts his ass, but also makes him feel so good. Mathieu wants to give himself, to offer his ass even more, to submit himself to that big cock.

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