Irmãos Dotados – Brother and Cousin got Busted

Bruno Paz was lazy at home all day and didn’t go to the game with his brother Henrique Paz and his cousin Luiz Sartori. After the game, they return home and find Bruno sitting on the couch watching television. Luiz Sartori decides to take a shower, but Henrique decides to go first, as he has a date with a friend. While Henrique goes to take a shower, Luiz and Bruno are alone in the room talking.

During the conversation, Bruno Paz asks Luiz how much time his cousin will spend staying at his house, he replies that maybe just a week, it will just depend on what happens over the next few days. Bruno is horny with his cousin beside him on the couch and asks him to suck his delicious cock. The cousin plays hard to get, but ends up falling into temptation and they both remember the old times when they used to be. Henrique leaves the bathroom in search of soap, while Luiz Sartori is enjoying his cousin’s succulent dick in his mouth.

Bruno Paz says that the soap is in the wardrobe and continues the dirty thing with his cousin in the living room. Bruno can’t resist and decides to fuck his cousin’s delicous ass, which gets very horny. Luiz moans loudly and gives his cousin the delicious ass with great pleasure, leaving the horny maddened horny.

After the cousins enjoy together, after a hot fuck, Henrique leaves the bathroom and catches the two naked on the couch and is shocked by the scene he sees. “Brother and Cousin got Busted” is the kind of movie that will make you delirious and horny seeing two cousins making out very hot.

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