Irmãos Dotados – Step-Fathers Underwear – [A Cueca Do Padrasto] Diego Wolf fucks Thiago Albuquerque

Diego Wolf receives a call from his wife saying that she won’t be sleeping at home because she will have to work until late. He is upset, but tries to understand. He lives with her and his stepson. While Diego is in the shower, Thiago Albuquerque comes home and sees his stepfather’s underwear on the bed and starts to smell it watching him take a shower.

Realizing that his stepfather saw him, Thiago drops his underwear on the floor and runs to his room. When leaving the bathroom, Diego sees that his underwear is on the floor and realizes that his stepson was watching him take a shower. Thiago gets nervous inside the room thinking that Diego will fight with him, but he just invites him to dinner, but he doesn’t accept the invitation, because he doesn’t like his stepfather’s food.

Diego Wolf decides to jack off in his room and leaves the door a little open on purpose so his stepson can see him masturbating. Thiago leaves his room and sees the scene of his stepfather masturbating and gets hard, but when he realizes that Diego saw him, he runs to the living room. Diego goes after Thiago and invites him to suck his cock and he doesn’t think twice and goes to his stepfather’s room to suck him so good. The stepfather goes crazy with lust at his stepson’s feeding and decides to fuck his delicious white ass.

Thiago gives his nice ass to Diego who has a beautiful huge and juicy dick, making the nasty moan with his cock inside his ass. The stepfather and stepson become very intimate after that night and whenever the hard-on hits, they already know how to kill each other’s desire. “The stepfather’s underwear” is the kind of movie that will make you horny and make you delirious with pleasure watching a hung stepfather fucking his nasty stepson.

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